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Sometimes medication is required for improved Labrador retriever health.

Tips for Administering Medication to Your Labrador Retriever

You want your Labrador retriever health to be good all the time, but it is inevitable, just like it is for humans, that your dog will get sick at some point in time. When your dog gets sick, you may need to administer medication to your Labrador. This will ensure he gets better soon without […]


Picking a Healthy Labrador Retriever

Once you have made a choice to bring a Labrador Retriever into your home, there are many important steps that you should take. Ensuring that your Labrador is of initial good health is essential, as this will affect your dog’s development and the amount of care that they require. Choosing a healthy Labrador Retriever is not difficult, if the proper steps are taken with a significant amount of research.