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Who Are the Top Labrador Breeders in the USA?

Within the USA, there are a lot of breeders of Labradors, but when it comes to answering the question ‘who are the top Labrador breeders in the USA?’ there are differences of opinion. That’s to be expected, because a lot of people like the specific breeder that they have or they only use a breeder that’s near them. They might not realize that there is a better breeder, because that person is clear across the country from them. It’s difficult to travel that far for a puppy, and most people won’t do that. They’ll simply look for the best breeder near them, and that’s who they’ll purchase from. For example, Chambray Labradors claims to be the best breeder in Florida when it comes to champions. There is also a company called Premium Breeders that you can visit online so you can find the best breeders in your area.