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Labrador retriever training can make your dog the envy of the neighborhood.

Labrador Retriever Training: Walking without a Leash

Most of the dogs you see walking in the park or down the street are on a leash. Have you ever seen a Labrador retriever walking down the street next to his owner without a leash? You may wonder how the owner got so lucky to have a Labrador that will walk by his side […]

Bomb sniffing Labrador retrievers help keep the public safe.

Certain Situations Require Bomb Sniffing Labrador Retrievers

  Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent dogs that are often used as bomb sniffing dogs. When it comes to training these dogs, they are easily able to identify a large number of explosives and other materials that are commonly found in bombs, especially those that are homemade. In light of many of the bombings that […]

Labrador retrievers can easily be trained as bomb sniffing dogs.

Training Labrador Retrievers as Bomb Sniffing Dogs

With all the bomb threats that occur on a regular basis, as well as the actual bombings that do take place, it is critical for many law enforcement agencies to make use of bomb sniffing dogs as a way to identify these devices and put a stop to the danger before it becomes a real […]

An older Labrador retriever is likely to suffer from arthritis.

About Arthritis in Labrador Retrievers

Everyone wants their Labrador retriever to be healthy throughout his life. However, just like people, Labradors can encounter various health problems as they get older. One of the common problems experienced by these dogs, like many other large breed dogs, is arthritis. Therefore, it is important for all Labrador dog owners to know what to […]

Labrador retrievers of opposite sex have a greater chance of getting along.

Should Your Labrador Retrievers be the Same Sex or Opposite?

If you have decided you want more than one Labrador retriever in your life, the decision doesn’t stop there. In addition to deciding which color you want, you will need to decide if you want two Labrador retriever dogs of the same sex or if you want the opposite sex. Most people often get one […]

Labrador grooming can give you a great bonding opportunity with your dog.

Reasons Why Labrador Grooming Is Important

Labrador retrievers have short fur coats that don’t grow long, requiring frequent haircuts. This tends to make Labrador owners think they don’t need to do any Labrador grooming at all. While the grooming required for this type of dog is often less than other types of dogs, it is still important. There are several reasons […]

Rescuing a Labrador retriever is one of the best things you can do.

Why Use a Labrador Rescue

If you have ever considered getting a Labrador retriever, it can be so tempting to go to the local pet store and buy that cute little puppy in the window. But have you ever thought about how that puppy got in that window? Many of the puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills where […]

Training Labrador retrievers often takes positive reinforcement.

The Most Effective Methods for Training Labrador Retrievers

You have probably heard that Labrador retrievers are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. However, you need to know what you are doing to be successful. This includes understanding what the best methods for training Labrador retrievers are and which tricks and skills are the best to teach will help ensure your success. As […]

Labrador retriever dogs can bark for a variety of reasons.

Reasons Labrador Retriever Dogs Bark

All dogs bark. When you are a dog owner, it is a fact of life. However, there is such a thing as excessive barking. Even when it isn’t excessive, the barking of Labrador retriever dogs can be irritating to the owners, as well as to those who live nearby. There are some things you can […]

Two Labradors can be twice the fun and twice the work.

Are Two Labrador Retrievers More Maintenance Than One?

You probably already know that Labrador retrievers are high maintenance, mainly due to the excessive amount of energy and great need for exercise. In addition to their need for exercise, Labrador retriever dogs are also more prone to separation anxiety, which means they can become destructive when they are left alone, especially if you choose […]