Adopting a Labrador in Need of a Loving Home

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If you are looking for a new dog to add to your family, consider adopting a Labrador that has been rescued and is looking for a new home.We all know that puppies are soft and cuddly but they do turn into a adult dogs. Here are some good points to consider when it comes to choosing a puppy verses an older dog.

How much time do you have to spend with your new pet? Like children, puppies need constant attention. You’ll spend a lot of time housebreaking your puppy unless you can live with puppy accidents. Although Labrador puppies are precious, they are “hazardous” to carpet, even if they are closely watched.

A two month old puppy needs to empty his bladder at least every two hours, every four hours if he’s four months old. This means you have to begin to train him by taking him out quite often to initiate the house-breaking process. It’s a round the clock chore so you’ll have to wake up that often during the night as well. A puppy will also have to be leash trained before walking them and that is another task in itself.

The bladder of an adult dog is already developed, making them easier to house-train.  Most Labrador rescue groups have older dogs that are already house-trained. A great benefit of rescuing and adopting an adult Labrador dog is that it will be less pressure on you and easier on your carpet.

Puppies are adorable, but that ball of fluff is also a wrecking ball of destruction in your home. Puppies have sharp, little teeth that chew on everything. It’s also not a good idea to keep a teething puppy around a small child; they can’t differentiate a small human from a grown one or from furniture. Chewing on everything from electronic cords to children can be a dangerous and destructive habit. You must diligently supervise a puppy to prevent this from happening.

If you get a Lab from a shelter they have most often been trained. Larger dogs have longer attention spans and don’t need the constant supervision a puppy will demand.

Personality is another advantage you get with an adult lab. This makes is much easier to choose one that fits into your lifestyle. Most rescues allow you to foster a dog on a trial basis to make sure that you and your new family member are a good match. Usually someone from the rescue group will come to see your home and make sure it is a healthy and safe environment.

You will be a hero in your community as well as to the dog you save. Older dogs have so much love and loyalty and want to please you.. This is especially true if they had a difficult life before being rescued.

labrador rescue, labradors rescue, rescue a labrador

Rescuers know that every year there are adoptable animals that have to be killed because of a lack of homes. There are about four million of these tragedies and about one quarter of those are purebred animals. This problem is due to overpopulation; purchasing a puppy helps contribute to the problem.

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