Keeping Your Labrador Safe in Springtime Heat

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Weather changes are appreciated by many people, especially when they head for the warmer times.  We, as humans, generally can’t stand to be in cold weather for very long periods of time; we’re just not built for it.  However, Labradors are.  And while humans love the upcoming heat of spring and summer, Labradors don’t.

Understanding that Labradors have a coat that is thicker than our skin (in order to ensure that they stay warm in cold weather) is important.  They originally were bred to do things like hunting, so it is a necessity.  However, handling heat is a different matter altogether when you think about how thick their skin is.

So how should you keep your Labrador safe in the upcoming heat?  Well, there are a few things that you can do to help your pet out, and keep it happy at the same time.

Many wouldn’t give this a second thought, because it’s so simple, but filling a baby pool with water with cooler water than the outside temperature is an easy fix.  Labradors love to splash in the water, and you’ll grin from ear to ear watching them.  More than likely, any nearby children will want to join in with them during the upcoming heat.

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradors

Pulling your favorite dog inside the house for awhile to cool off in the air conditioning would be great, too.  Letting the cool air surround your Labrador, getting under the fur and skin will help prevent any possible health problems from occurring.  While your dog may not be a fan of staying inside at first, they’ll like cooling off.

Cold water in the water bowl is also a great idea.  Whether you choose to make it ice-cold out of the tap, or put ice cubes in it to make it even colder, the water will help as well.  Take some time, and your Labrador will stay safe in the upcoming heat!

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