Labrador Grooming

Labrador grooming is an important part of keeping your pet maintained and in the best physical condition. Labradors are heavy shedders with different colored breeds shedding at different times of the year. While a lighter colored lab might shed all year round, darker or black labs shed less often but with greater results. Labrador grooming to combat shedding can help alleviate hair on your furniture and floors and keep allergic reactions lower.

Grooming your Labrador can be more easily accomplished if you purchase a few Labrador grooming tools. The first choice that you should make is the purchase of a good quality bristle brush to help remove dead hair from your pet while distributing natural oils. Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance with the bristle brush will help keep your Labrador’s coat healthy and shiny while helping keep shedding down. When your Lab is shedding, daily usage of the bristle brush will help you deal with the massive quantity of hair your pet will shed into your home.

Another way to keep your Lab’s coat shiny and healthy is with regular bathing. While many dogs can have their hair shaved off in the summer, Labrador’s need their coat to help keep them cool. Instead, utilize regular bathing and brushing to keep his coat looking healthy through Labrador grooming.

Labrador grooming also should include close attention to his nails so that they don’t crack and become infected. Choosing a good quality nail clipper or having your Lab’s nails clipped at the groomers help make the process smoother while maintaining the health of your dog through Labrador grooming. Be careful not to damage the “quick” or pink part of the nail. Using a light to navigate a dark Labrador’s nail clipping can help prevent you from injuring this sensitive part of a Labrador’s nail during Labrador grooming.

Another part of Labrador grooming to consider as part of the total grooming experience is to check his eyes and ears. Carefully inspecting the ears for ticks is important to your dog’s health as well. Watching out for dirt after a run in a forest or yard is also important so that your Labrador doesn’t injure himself trying to remove the dirt himself with a paw. Cleaning out your dog’s ears and eyes as part of Labrador grooming is another important part of the grooming process which helps to keep infections and irritations in his eyes and ears away. By following these few simple steps to Labrador grooming, you can help your pet look and feel his best.


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