Finding The Perfect Labrador Breeder

labradors and families, family labradorsDog breeders are easy to find, but qualified dog breeders are an altogether rare group indeed. Once you have decided that you want that perfect little Labrador puppy you’ll need to find a responsible and reputable breeder that raises and specializes in that breed of dog.

Searching online, as well as word of mouth is a great resource to help you find breeders that will specialize in your choice of pet. A great website to start with is http://clublabrador.com. You’ll find plenty of ideas and information about Labradors. You can also ask friends for recommendations if they happen to have the kind of dog you’d like to own.  You can even visit a dog park on a busy weekend to see if there are any dogs that you would like to add to your family. Labradors are very energetic, so dog parks are a great place to look for that perfect dog.  Once you have spotted one, find out who the breeder is.

Once you have a list of breeders names you need to call them and ask a few important questions. First ask for references and take the time to check them out. Find out who you can email or call that has a dog they have bred. Any reputable breeder will be more than happy to tell you everything you want to know.

Now, it’s their turn. A legitimate dog breeder will want to know all about you. and your home.  They should ask you a lot of questions about yourself, your family members, your yard, and the hours you work, or are away from home.  A conscientious breeder should be interested in finding a good home for a puppy. If these questions aren’t asked, you should take it as a sign to move on to the next breeder and keep searching until you find one that is concerned with the environment and the family the puppy will be raised in.

There are other signs to look for in top Labrador breeders. Dog breeders should be passionate about their breed and be able to answer any breeder-specific questions.

You should also see where the puppies are being raised. The conditions that the pups are being raised in should be clean and comfortable.  Also note if it is in the home or in a shelter where the dogs are protected.  Meet both the mother and the father watch the breeders interaction with the puppies. Is he/she loving and kind?

A reputable breeder will not allow the puppies to be taken from their mother until they are 8-10 weeks old.  This ensures proper socialization with their siblings, as well as being ready to be weaned from their mother’s milk.

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What it boils down to is whether you get a healthy and happy dog for life. The dog should have excellent bloodlines and and be free from any diseases or genetic faults. A good dog breeder might cost a little more. but you are making a 12 -15 year commitment and it is worth it.

One last note, make sure that the dog breeder you choose is a registered Labrador breeder and is able to send you home with the correct breeders certificate.  This should show the parents, in addition to proof of the puppies first required vaccinations.

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