Jessie Undergoes TPLO Surgery 1:30 CST Today

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Jessie and Sammie Before Jessie tore her CCL, now Jessie is having TPLO Surgery, to fix her, and bring her back to the best Labrador Retriever Health

Jessie & Sam...The House Labradors

Before I even had time to write the article about how Jessie tore her CCL, and how we picked the surgeon, or how scared we were when it happened, I could go on and on, the journey is starting. A quick recap….

The Players

Jessie (female Labrador Retriever), is one the two house labs. Sam (also a female Labrador Retriever), is the older sister, at 4 1/2. Jessie comes in at 2 1/2 years old (human years).

The Dog Park

Just like I do every weekend, I took the the two to the dog park; they chase balls, while I walk and chat with the PDPM Group (yes we have T-Shirts).

Just Like That…

30 to 45 min. after we were there, she tore it. How she did it? I don’t know! I heard somebody yell that Jessie was limping, and the next thing I knew I was trying to carry a 76 1/2 pound dog, out of the park, in 90° heat! I didn’t make it very far. She limped on three legs back to the car (I think she felt sorry for her old man).

Emergency Animal Clinic

Labrador Health (the price tag):  $479 later, the vet said she tore her CCL, and referred us to a surgeon for a consult, but was certain she needed TPLO Surgery.

TPLO Consultation

Two consultations later, not including the one on the phone (who diagnosed her without looking at her) and here we are.

Thanks for everyone’s kind thoughts!

I will post updates later…

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  1. jonathan says:

    Jessie is out of surgery, and doing fine….Now the recovery….Hers and Ours!

  2. Thinking about Jessie!!!