Julie the Proud owner of 2 Labradors

mailMy name is Julie, and I am the proud owner of 2 labradors.  Sammie, who just turned two, and Jessie, who is 4 months.

My adventure started in an attempt to find the perfect birthday present for my husband. Instead of the latest electrical gadget, my sons and I opted for something more personal, his own little slice of heaven, an adorable 8 week old Lab, Sam.  Why not get a puppy?  My kids were in high school, and I finally had a little time on my hands.  How much work could a puppy be?

After coming home to find a hole in my wall, and every room of carpet marked, I realized that this was not going to be easy.

I have never crate trained my dogs, probably because of my own claustrophobia.  I couldn’t imagine being locked up in a small area for any length of time. That being said, let me also mention, that my carpet cleaning company has a key to my house, and continuously calls my dogs his “best customers.” I think that I put a few of his kids through college.
After Sam turned 2, we thought that she could use a sister.  It’s amazing how soon we forget what a puppy can do, we were reminded…quickly.

Jessie joined our family when she was only six weeks old.  Jessie is my “little devil”. I quickly realized how lucky we were with Sam.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs unconditionally, I just have to remind myself of that fact when Jessie chews on my best shoes, the window sills, electrical cables, and anything else that is not metal and not glued down.  Her favorite activity is to jump up in my closet and tear the clothes off the hanger, one by one.  She then proceeds to eat the hanger.  Everything in my closet has started migrating to the top shelves, where even I can’t reach.

Is it worth it…..absolutely. They may cause some damage, but they are always happy to see my, they never ask me for money (unlike my teenagers), and they never complain about my cooking, (also unlike my teenagers., and for that matter, my husband).

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  1. Josh says:

    Cutest dogs I have ever seen!

  2. Such a heart-warming story and PRECIOUS DOGS!! and Owner;o) Thanks!

  3. Julie,

    I love your story! I’ll have to email you a picture of Lillybelle, she’s our 14 1/2 year old white lab. What a love!


  4. Lindsy says:

    I love your story…we have a 18 month old chocolate lab Rocky, who is finally leaving some of those puppy problems behind(but not forgotten!). We recently heard of a 2 year old chocolate lab that was from an abusive home and we took her in. She is a good dog but I am afraid Rocky will feel like we put him on the side burner, and he is my baby and I will always feel that way. Does anyone have any suggestions on my problem?

  5. melon says:

    Lindsy, Just dont forget some of Rockies favorite things to do and make sure there is a little time each day set aside just for you and he. Most dogs do truly enjoy the company of another dog just remind him he is your baby but his new sister can be loved too!!!!