Labradors Like Springtime Exercise!

Finding time to go running out in the springtime air is great for anyone’s disposition, but it will do wonders for your Labrador Retriever.  Being cooped up after drastically cold winter weather will sometimes drive any animal, or human for that matter, batty, and the exercise is great for both of you.

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsSo, what would a Labrador like to do the most when let loose for fun?  Where are some of the best places to take them?  How can you keep them coming back to you?  Well, with some thought, and proper training, you won’t have any problems at all.

City dwellers might find it hard to take their beautiful Labrador out in the springtime for a great round of fun, unless there is a dog park nearby.  These parks are built specifically for dogs to have a run in, meet up with each other, and go for a walk with their owners.  Yes, the owners have to stay with them and stay on clean-up duty, but it’s worth every minute to see the literal joy on the dog’s face.

Living in the suburbs, however, will make it easier on Labrador owners in the springtime.  They will be able to open their doors and let the dog out into the yard for a good, old-fashioned run.  One thing must be kept in mind though, is how to keep the dog safe for these runs.

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Using safeguards such as fencing and training will help to keep the Labrador from running out into the street, or into a disapproving neighbor’s yard.  Sadly, there are people who don’t like dogs and would prefer not to have them running around.

Some owners choose to use a simple chain-link or wooden fence, although others are opting for the electronic fences instead.  Training is needed either way for the Labrador—but they’ll still be pleased with their springtime exercise!

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