Puppy-Proof Your Home: Labradors & Families

Labrador puppies are notoriously cute and are widely known for being a great family pet. Even though the Labrador breed is highly intelligent, all puppies need a bit of training before they can be the labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsbest pet for you and your family. Labradors and families need to work together to make a perfect home environment. You can start by puppy-proofing your home!

Start by keeping your house tidy; no child’s toys, shoes or trash on the floor. Puppies chew things to give their aching gums relief while they are teething, so try not to leave things around that you don’t want them to gnaw on. Strings and yarn can be especially dangerous for two reasons: They can be difficult to see so you may not realize they are on the floor, and they can cause serious injury to your Labrador by binding up their internal organs. Be sure to keep a look out for things with which your puppy could harm itself.

Labradors and families will need to work on house-breaking fairly extensively. There are puppy pads you can purchase at most pet stores that assist in getting your Labrador to learn where to use the bathroom. You can start by placing them near the door and eventually moving them outside so that your Labrador knows to go outside.

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsIf you have other pets, be sure to keep up on vaccinations. While most animals diseases and parasites aren’t communicable between species, there are a few that can be transmitted. Take all of your animals to their veterinarian for regular check ups and vaccinations. Both Labradors and families can be susceptible to disease if not treated quickly.

Be sure to leave any harmful chemicals out of your Labrador puppy’s reach. Paint thinner, antifreeze, bleach and other useful household chemicals can be harmful or fatal to your puppy. Keep them in a locked cabinet or on a shelf. This way, you won’t have to worry about a accidental poisoning.

Labradors and their families should take time each day to play outside together. If you have a back yard, make sure it is gated and there aren’t any holes your Labrador can use for a quick escape. You should also always clean up after your puppy. Pet waste is unsightly and can spread disease.

Puppy-proofing your home is a great start to bringing your puppy into your home. It assures a safe and happy transition for Labradors and families.

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