What is the difference between purchasing a Labrador from a respectable breeder, and rescuing a Labrador Retriever?

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Labradors are wonderful dogs for just about anyone. They make excellent companions and family dogs. They aim to please and are highly intelligent. They are so smart that they need to be trained to complete tasks or tricks to fill their time so that they do not try to find other, more destructive ways, to fill their days. Many people debate over whether to get a Labrador from a respectable breeder to rescuing one of these gorgeous dogs from a rescue. There are solid arguments on both sides of this particular issue, though ultimately, you must weigh the facts and what is important to you and use that information to decide for yourself what is best for you and your family.

Buying a Labrador from a respectable breeder has its advantages. You will know what the lineage of your Labrador is, and will know that it was taken care of, and is free from any major health problems. With the cost of vet bills being sky high, and the common thyroid, skin, and allergy problems that Labradors have, it can be nice peace of mind to know that you have a happy, healthy puppy that is the offspring of happy, healthy parents. A respectable breeder will allow you to visit with the puppies before deciding to make a purchase and also meet the parents of the puppies. The breeder will be able to show that the parents of the puppies are not related, thereby greatly reducing the risks of health problems. This is the type of peace of mind that you can only have if you buy your Labrador from a respectable breeder in your area.

When rescuing a Labrador from a shelter or rescue group, you will not usually be able to learn anything at all about the Labrador’s history. In many cases, even the age of the dog will be a mystery. Since you will have no way of knowing what its genetic lineage is, there will be no way to calculate the risk of your Labrador having health problems that could be very time consuming and costly to manage. However, when you rescue a Labrador, you are giving a formerly unwanted dog another chance at life. For some reason, it just seems as though dogs know that they were saved and have a special connection with the owners that have adopted them from shelters and rescues. This unique bond is what drives many people to adopt Labradors from rescues or shelters. Additionally, most rescue groups and shelters will only allow Labradors to be adopted after they have been spayed or neutered, examined by a veterinarian, and brought current on their vaccinations. Generally, the adoption fee for a Labrador is much less than the total cost of all of the veterinary care that it receives before it is adopted. The cost savings can be hundreds of dollars in many cases. This can be another positive reason to consider adopting a Labrador from a rescue group or shelter.

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  1. Lian says:

    I adopted a black lab puppy from a local rescue organization. He had been a Christmas gift that no one wanted, and was taken to the shelter before the New Year. I am so glad he was taken from the shelter before it was too late; he has lived with me for a year now, and has proven to be a loyal, intelligent, and loving dog! Adopting a dog that has been discarded or lost is a wonderful option for people who are looking for the perfect pet. Going through a rescue agency is even better than just going to the pound, because the people who rescue these dogs/cats actually keep them in their homes, and therefore know the animals’ temperments and any medical problems.

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